Wedding Gowns Inspired By First Ladies

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Wedding Gowns Inspired By First Ladies

As the nation celebrates Presidents' Day, we thought we'd celebrate the women who stood by our nation's leaders...and take a look at their wedding dresses Here are our favorite modern wedding gowns inspired by the ones worn by First Ladies from history. 

Eleanor Roosevelt was married in a high-neck gown with long sleeves and lots of lace. This dress has all the same elements, but it's anything but old-fashioned.

We love this sleeveless version of Eleanor's look.

The ruffles on this gown are so sophisticated thanks to the silhouette.

This look is understated and elegant.

Jackie Kennedy's wedding gown featured off-the-shoulder cap sleeves and a full skirt. This dress shows how timeless the look was.

This shimmering gown makes a retro look work in 2013.

Channel Jackie in a low neckline and sweet sleeves.

This 1950s gown is incredibly romantic. 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was wed in a dress with flowing sleeves and a bow tie at the empire waist. This modern boho dress nails the look. 

This dress is clean and modern but the sleeves are a nod to the past. 

An elegant take on Hillary's look. 

Fluttery sleeves and a big bow sash make this dress playful and romantic. 

Modern fashion icon Michelle Obama was married in an off-the-shoulder dress with long sleeves. This dress has a bold neckline similar to Mrs. O's. 

An embroidered illusion neckline is on-trend. 

Be bold in an off-the-shoulder dress with oversized ruffles. 

A tulle skirt makes this off-the-shoulder dress extra glamorous.

Rosalynn Carter's wedding dress was short, two-tone, and perfect for a modern courthouse or casual wedding. This suit is a more formal version.

This sweet dress is a great pick for a bride on a budget.

This dress ma be short, but it's still special enough for your big day.

Mrs. Carter's dress had a playful, summery vibe that is present in this balloon-print dress.