Totally Unrecognizable Celebrity Cover Shots
These 10 shockers represent some of the best examples of airbrushing ever.

Natural beauty Kate Hudson was given a shockingly Plasticine makeover on the September 2008 cover of W.

WTF is up with SJP? Looks like a very heavy handed airbrusher (or illustrator?) got ahold of Sarah Jessica Parker on the March 2013 cover of Harper's Bazaar China.

Sure, we can tell that's Gwyneth Paltrow on the May 2008 cover of Vogue. But is it just us, or does it look like her head was moved around on her neck a bit too much?

America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston looked unrecognizably…flattened on the February 2011 cover of Allure.

The September 2011 issue of W featured an a bombshell version of Kristen Stewart—and Photoshop or not, it took us a minute to recognize the typically down-to-earth beauty.

Lady Gaga looked way more like a cartoon character than usual on Vogue's startling September 2012 cover.

Who's that girl? Madonna, believe it or not, looking more like Jessica Rabbit than herself on the April 2006 cover of Out.

When Christina Aguilera graced the October 2012 issue of Lucky, the image of her frozen face raised eyebrows with its wax-museum perfection.

We can barely recognize the gaunt Demi Moore on the December 2009 cover of W. It caused a kerfuffle when it hit stands as critics claimed her body had been photoshopped onto another woman's body. But our problem is with her naturally beautiful face, which looks way too plastic and polished here.

We're not exactly sure what was so egregious about Britney Spears on the December 2012 cover of Lucky (perhaps her baby face being so intact?). But Twitter fans were so up-in-arms about it that Lucky apologized for disappointing them. Thoughts?