The Battle Of Oranges

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The Battle Of Oranges

The Battle of the Oranges is the crowning of carnival celebrations in the Italian town of Ivrea.
During this action, a group of men and women dress medieval clothing kings and guards, and put forward to the city, who are on the carts, and some on foot.
Carts laden with live ammunition - for the holiday harvest tons of oranges The battle has a historical background and serves as a dramatization of the medieval rebellion, when the citizens of Piedmont town of Ivrea near Turin overthrow the evil king. Why and how the main weapon in the battle are oranges, and no one really remembers.

People pelt each other with oranges, staging a medieval battle. To protect you from serious injury, the participants put on a fun and different armor protection at all, what happens, the parts of the body. Head here to defend is necessary, therefore, who do not have a medieval helmet use hockey helmets and masks. But still, the next day, half of the citizens walking around with bruises.
Members of a team is about surviving the oranges in the center square during the battle at the annual carnival in the northern Italian town of Ivrea.
On the part of the holiday looks quite cruel. However, as the second legend of its origin. After all, a young maiden, which encroached the local governor, said he got rid of the harassment by cutting off the head of the very unfortunate ruler.
More advantageous positions have members drawn carriages, top to throw more convenient, and if you want to hide is where. The second legend says that the holiday was established after the riot citizens who guard the governor threw stones after himself ruler encroached on a young girl, daughter of a local miller.
Participant receives oranges in their helmets. The roots of traditional fun go to the Middle Ages, but the versions differing origin stories. According to one version, the feudal lords, in a fit of generosity peasants scattered handfuls of beans and beans are not very loved and feudal peasants, they threw them in the trail.

In general, both versions are plausible sources of fun, but there are no options, why, over time, become projectiles in the massacre was oranges, fruit, I must say, is quite large and hard.

Opposing team throw each other oranges. Good Samaritans Ivrea, by the way, welcome tourists wishing to take part in the festival, and gladly include them in the team for a small fee, only 6 euros.

At the end of the battle, the team determined the most apt, though it is not clear what is guided by the jury, may be the amount of bruising at the opponent.