Historic racing Turned Into A Nightmare

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Historic Racing Turned Into A Nightmare
Historic racing in the U.S. state of Florida turned into a nightmare. In the final race was a mass crash cars, pieces of cars flew spectator stands. Injured more than three dozen people.

Viewers of the popular American racing will be remembered with horror last race today. During competition, the National Association stock car (NASCAR) at the circuit Daytona Beach crashed once 10 cars.

Reagan Smith was approaching the finish line. He tried to overtake rival Brad Kazelovskogo, and this maneuver proved fatal for the season opener Kyle Larson. He crashed into a nearby car, and him with the car flipped into the air. Sports car drove at breakneck speed into the fence separating the track from the spectator stands. The tragedy occurred during the race rank Drive4COPD 300 Nationwide Series, are preceded by the famous car race Daytona 500.
Mangled wreckage of cars fell down on the people in the ranks of dumps flew wheel. Guests show flogged metal parts, 19 people went straight from the racetrack to the hospital, doctors evaluate their condition as critical. 14 victims of doctor bandaged in a medical office stadium.
None of the drivers was injured. According to France-Presse, the cause of the accident could be the bursting of the tire. This accident spoiled the mood of the winner in advance. Wrecked race cars to get around opponents succeeded Tony Stewart, but at the finish, he looked depressed and asked the organizers to do without ceremony.

The driver of the car emitted into the stands Kyle Larson in the accident was injured. He managed to get out of it before the car caught fire engine. Not damaged and 11 other drivers caught in a car crash.