Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings is to return for a one-off episode next Monday and features two new traveller brides: Ina and Danielle, both 16. Both are marrying their first loves and are pulling out all the stops to make their supersized glittery weddings go with a bang.
Sweet sixteen: Teenage bride, Ina Casey, arrives at her wedding in classic Traveller style

Ina, who is marrying her first (and only) boyfriend has set her heart on an outfit made from a 'glitter fabric' material more commonly used in wallpaper. Despite her youth, Ina is convinced she has met 'the one', saying: 'Some people have to kiss 100 frogs to get their prince, I only had to kiss one.'
But as the wedding draws nearer the reality of leaving her family to start a new life begins to kick in and on the big day itself, the emotions come flooding out. Ina's cousin and Maid of Honour is 18-year-old Estella. As she points out 'you spend half your life playing with Barbie dolls and the other half trying to look like one', but unlike Ina, Estella is in no hurry to settle down just yet.

Colourful: Ina and her bridesmaids pose outside her home before hopping into a limo for the journey to church
Glitter ball: 16 year old Ina shows off her enormous 'glitter fabric' dress

 Big blue: Ina's bridesmaids show off their aqua dresses - complete with bodices made from 'glitter fabric'
The happy couple: Danielle and her new husband, Brendan, at their ultra glittery wedding
The new episode also catches up with Danielle, 15, and her 21-year-old fiancé Brendan.
The couple appeared in the last series, with Danielle's hen night - to which she wore an eye-catching tutu studded with fairy lights - featuring in one episode.
This time, it's Brendan's turn to celebrate, although unlike his bride-to-be, his party involves a spot of hunting, followed by songs and drinks around the campfire as Brendan is too afraid to go to the pub in case he gets into a fight. Unlike the nervous Ina, Danielle is desperate to start her new life with her man and the wedding is scheduled to take place just a day after her 16th birthday. 'People think that I'm 15 and I don't know what love is', says Danielle. 'But he's perfect for me and hopefully I'm perfect for him.' Nevertheless a cloud hangs over the happy couple. Brendan is due to appear in court charged with receiving stolen goods and a guilty verdict could mean a lengthy prison sentence.
Danielle is determined to keep her fiance on the straight and narrow, while Brendan is equally desperate to avoid spending time at Her Majesty's pleasure.

Butterflies: Danielle chose a butterfly theme for her big day, with everything from her tiara to the bridesmaids' dresses embellished with the pretty insects

Wedded bliss? Danielle arrives to marry Brendan but their happiness is under threat thanks to his trial

What a wedding! A huge number of guests turned up to celebrate Danielle and Brendan's nuptials

Nearly done! A nervous looking Brendan gets some reassurance from his new wife, Danielle

Tight spot: Danielle poses with her purple-clad bridesmaids...but finds getting close is a problem thanks to their supersized skirts