America's Most Beautiful Roadster 2013 

For 64 years, hot rod enthusiasts have gathered in California to give one of their own the award of America's Most Beautiful Roadster. Here's a glimpse at a few of the highlights from this year's show, including the winning entry, John Mumford's 1927 Ford Track T.

A 1932 Ford Phaeton, powered by a chromed Rolls-Royce Merlin V-12, owned by Timothy Tarris.

'32 Ford Roadster owned by Ford sales and marketing chief Jim Farley, powered by a modern 4.6 liter Ford V-8

 Richard Zocchi's 1962 Chrysler 300, winner of the George Barris Kustom D Elegance award

 Awesomely flamed 1951 Mercury.

1949 Cadillac Phantom Wagon, owned by Jim Noteboom

Roadster from the Grand National Roadster Show

Mark & Dennis Mariani's 1933 Bonneville Salt Flats roadster, a speed record holder.

John Mumford's winning 1927 Ford Track T roadster

John Mumford's 1927 Ford Track T, under construction in Roy Brizio's shop

Rear of the 1927 Ford Track T under construction

Rare Ford V8-60 with Ardun heads in Roy Brizio's shop