Stars Turning 40

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Stars Turning 40 

Hollywood's eternal obsession with youth aside (especially for female actresses), a new crop hitting their fourth decade in 2013 are just hitting their stride. Kate Beckinsale, for instance, is among a string of reliable marquee action heroines, Kristen Wiig has made that "SNL"-to-screen transition with triumph, and Neil Patrick Harris has grown up to be the favored all-around guy who can play his own supersized, foul-mouthed, hetero-scoundrel alternate ego. And just because we get a little sentimental around birthdays, we're recognizing lesser luminaries in gratitude for delivering memorable Gen-X onscreen moments.

Kate Beckinsale (July 26, Cancer)

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Nov. 1, Scorpio)

Dave Chappelle (Aug. 24, Virgo)

James Marsden (Sep. 18, Virgo)

Juliette Lewis (June 21, Cancer)

Kristen Wiig (Aug. 22, Leo)

Lena Headey (Oct. 3, Libra)

Mos Def (Dec. 11, Sagittarius)

Neil Patrick Harris (June 15, Cancer)

Neve Campbell (Oct. 3, Libra)

Paul Walker (Sep. 12, Virgo)

Patrick Wilson (July 3, Cancer)

Peter Facinelli (Nov. 26, Sagittarius)

Rose McGowan (Sep. 5, Virgo)

Shannon Elizabeth (Sep. 7, Virgo)

Vera Farmiga (Aug. 6, Leo)