Golden Globes: Snubs And Surprises

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Golden Globes: Snubs And Surprises

Check out the snubs and the surprises for the 70th Golden Globe Awards.

SNUB: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is having a bad week. Not only was he completely ignored by the Academy on Thursday for his turn as sadistic Southern plantation owner Calvin J. Candie, but he also lost the Golden Globe to his verbose German co-star Christoph Waltz. Perhaps he was too good at playing someone so profoundly reprehensible?

SURPRISE: “Django Unchained”

For an obscenity-laced, spectacularly violent revenge fantasy, Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” did surprisingly well tonight, winning not only the Best Supporting Actor prize for Christoph Waltz but also the Best Screenplay trophy for Tarantino. Does this mean that the movie is now a serious contender for the Oscars? Stay tuned.

SNUB: “Lincoln”

“Lincoln” came into the Golden Globes looking like it was going to be an awards season powerhouse. It received some of the best reviews of the year, nabbed the most Oscar nominations of any movie earlier this week with 12, and it received 7 Golden Globe noms. But by the time the show wrapped up, Steven Spielberg’s sweeping biopic looked like it was anything but a juggernaut, winning only one Globe for Daniel Day-Lewis in the Best Actor in a Drama category. Spielberg, Sally Fields, Tommy Lee Jones and screenwriter Tony Kushner lost in their respective categories.


The Academy baffled everyone this past Thursday by stiffing Ben Affleck in the Best Director category for “Argo.” Even though the movie got some of the best reviews of the year, it seemed like the historical thriller’s award-season momentum had stalled in favorite of movies like “Lincoln” and “Silver Linings Playbook.” But tonight, Ben not only won a trophy for best director but “Argo” won the night’s top prize for Best Drama. “Argo” is now officially back in the race.

SNUB: Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Lawrence got a Golden Globe tonight for her mesmerizing performance as a severely depressed widow turned dancing enthusiast in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Bradley Cooper ended the night empty-handed. What gives? Playing a bipolar guy sprung too soon from a mental hospital, Cooper played crazy with remarkably realism and surprising likeability. He proved that he could be more than just the straight man in the Wolfpack or the good-looking guy in "The A-Team."

SURPRISE: Bill Clinton

Steven Spielberg called in a couple very big favors to get Bill Clinton to introduce “Lincoln.” The 42nd president is one of the few people on the planet that could make the audience at Golden Globes collectively star-struck. While the stunt ultimately didn’t help “Lincoln” with the Hollywood Foreign Press voters, it will almost certainly play well the folks of the Academy.

SNUB: “Wreck-It Ralph”

Though “Brave” looked gorgeous and came from Pixar -- which has all but become a synonym of animation excellence --“Wreck-It Ralph” was the most inventive, entertaining animated movie of the year. Sure, “Brave” had some great actions sequences and a heroine with a truly amazing head of hair, but in the end, that movie lacked the wit and emotional punch of “Ralph.”

SNUB: “Moonrise Kingdom”

Realistically speaking, “Moonrise” didn’t really have a chance against awards-season favorites like “Les Miserables” and “Silver Linings Playbook,” but Wes Anderson’s adorably twee ode to young love was easily one of the most charming, most entertaining movies of the year. It was great to see it nominated, but it would have been even more awesome to see Anderson and company win.