Best Celebrity Makeunders

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Best Celebrity Makeunders

 Sometimes less is more—as is the case with our favorite stars. When you're as gorgeous as today’s top celebrities, why mask your beauty with over-styled hair, piled-on makeup, and flashy outfits? While we usually see these ladies glammed out to the max on the red carpet, their more natural looks are often their absolute best. Here our favorite stars prove sometimes less is more.

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster deliberately enjoys freaking people out with her appearance on a regular basis. At the 2010 Grammys, her freaky two-toned blond wig and drag queenish makeup was much too much. We prefer her more retro liner and strong brows like she wore in London this October.
Charlize Theron - Though she only played an evil queen on the big screen, she channeled her "Snow White and The Huntsman" character on the red carpet in London this past May. We much prefer her natural-looking, golden girl style from the 2012 MTV Movie Awards in June.

Angelina Jolie - Before Brad, there was Billy Bob. During her darker goth days (remember the vial of blood around her neck?), Jolie made a habit of hitting the red carpet in Morticia Addams-esque get ups, but this Golden Globes appearance from 2002 might be the worst of them all. It looks like someone drew angry eyebrows on her face! Several years, boyfriends, and children later, she’s much more glamorous with soft, light brown waves and smoky eyes like she had at the 2012 New York Film Critics Circle Awards. Being half of a Hollywood power couple suits her. 

Avril Lavigne - This sk8ter girl burst onto the scene in skinny jeans, suspenders, and ties, but this recent look from her spring 2013 Abbey Dawn runway presentation might be her most ridiculously punked-out moment of all. We’re wishing she would trade in the smeared on makeup and half-shaved (and dyed) hair for her no muss no fuss style from the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.

Christina Aguilera - “Dirrty” indeed. Circa 2002, the singer and “The Voice” judge was known for her provocative dance moves and less-than-classy personal style. Deliberating the worst part of this outfit gives us a headache. Nowadays Xtina is looking much better. She hit her glamorous stride with the release of her 2006 album, “Back to Basics,” and has been bringing it ever since with fire engine red lips and platinum waves.

Jennifer Lopez - Step away from the green eye shadow, J.Lo! Her relationship with Ben Affleck wasn’t the only mistake made in 2003, as Jennifer’s Oscar makeup can attest. Lopez’s dress and earrings were stunning, but her streaky highlights and center part are less than flattering. What a difference nine years makes! Jenny from the Block has got this makeup thing down now, settling for a hair color closer to her true shade and a classic, smoky eye.

Drew Barrymore - The former bad girl had a bit of a wacko bouffant moment at the 2009 Golden Globes. The voluminous, disheveled style plus the blue eye makeup—that matched her dress—made for a rare miss. Luckily, she’s perfected easy, breezy, beautiful makeup (perhaps she got some tips from her days as a COVERGIRL?). That, plus her super-flattering auburn hair color make this June 2011 appearance a show-stopper.

Jessica Alba - There’s no denying that Jessica Alba is an absolutely stunning individual, but the iridescent peacock-colored eye shadow she wore back in 2010 looks almost clownish. The subtle cat-eye liner and sleek ponytail she showed off at the spring 2013 Ralph Lauren presentation was a much better choice.

Jessie J - Under those heavy purple bangs and gobs of eye makeup there’s actually a gorgeous young woman! This 2011 purple galactic jumpsuit and matching wig (we think?) do not do her justice, as is evidenced by her more fresh-faced appearance in August of 2012.

Katy Perry - Why so angry, Ms. Perry? Is it because we can’t see what a pretty face you have under all that over-styled pink hair and neon blue eyeliner? The difference between her 2011 appearance at the MTV Euro Music Awards and her most recent red carpet appearance at the 2012 Night of Too Many Stars event is like night and day. We love her sleek and romantic Gucci dress and her soft waves in a biologically-believable shade!

Ke$ha - It seems that Ke$ha’s club-girl-gone-horribly-wrong persona from 2011 has gone the way of the Dodo bird, and thank goodness. Body glitter, hair feathers, and whatever was living underneath her eye are not OK. Thankfully, someone taught the “TiK ToK” singer about the power of showers and judicious eyeliner application. At the 2012 VMAs we could finally see the beautiful young woman underneath it all.

Kim Kardashian - Kim is a big advocate of face highlighter, but the application here gives her a Photoshopping-gone-wrong appearance. Paired with heavy eyeshadow and evil stepmother shoulders, this look distracts from Kardashian’s true beauty (we said it). Just this September, she was seen in NYC with relative simple hair and makeup and was absolutely stunning!

Kelly Osbourne - Oh dear. Too much yellow corrector for our dear little Osbourne, it seems. Her sickly skin tone (we really hope that makeup artist got a stern talking-to after this incident) plus an almost-white lipstick and messy hair made Kelly look as though she was battling a stomach bug this January. At the Miss USA competition this June the “Fashion Police” host was much more on her game with rosy cheeks and a totally rad cat-eye look.

Leighton Meester - The “Gossip Girl” star may be known for her character’s Upper East Side preppy mode of dressing, but on the red carpet Meester takes quite a few risks. Like the raccoon eyes and weird, studded boot/pumps she wore to the 2009 MTV VMAs? Those would not have gotten the approval of her fictional alter ego! This past September Meester chose a more toned-down beauty routine, black sheath, and completely tame (and cute!) pumps for a look that’s a much bigger hit. 

Snooki - The new mom and infamous “Jersey Shore” resident is not the type of person you’d associate with “makeunder,” but you better believe she did it! Her clubby “GTL” days may never be fully behind her, but we’re so glad her infamous pouf from 2010 is gone for good. Look at how chic Snooki is when she ditches the clingy animal prints for well-proportioned solid-colored garments, and simple, smooth locks like she did in Miami in 2011. It’s so good we’re fist pumping. 

Beyonce - This girl definitely runs the world, but even the almighty Beyonce can’t pull off that much eyeshadow. With giant hoop earrings and a blingy dress like the one she wore at the 2010 Grammys, it’s a lot of look. We’re in awe of her dewy glow when she forgoes makeup like she did for an outing with hubby Jay-Z later that same year. Who actually looks BETTER without makeup? Is she a wizard?