Amazing Tales Of Animal Friendship

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Amazing Tales Of Animal Friendship

Uplifting stories from the animal kingdom and heartwarming accounts of animal emotions, friendships, romance, sibling and parent-child love.

Two African elephants.

Living with humans for some 9,000 years, pigs cooperate in social groups known as sounders. 

An otter pup balances on his mother’s belly.

Mother donkeys and their foals share a strong bond. Foals are weaned when they are about six months old or when the next foal is born.

Polar bears moms may nurse their cubs for as long as three years. 

Watchful Mabel and her brood of puppies.

Snoozing piglet Wiggles alongside his puppy brothers and sisters.

The Highland bull Hamish and his goose pal hanging out.

Spending all their time together; raccoon kits never leave the den during the first two months of their lives.