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Adventuress World

Her name Goga Ashkenazi. Yesterday, she was the wife of an American millionaire, today met with Kazakh and British billionaire prince. Secular observers believe that the secular life of Russia has long lacked a heroine - a global adventurer.

Goga Ashkenazi, a meteor, made way from the girl from the province to the Kazakhstan socialite English high society.
Today, a high and prominent 31-year-old Goga Ashkenazi boasts Oxford education, alone in the prestigious area of ​​London Holland Park, and international business empire.
Goga rotates among the cream of English high society, among which there are members of the European royal families, international tycoons and Hollywood stars, but its main revenues come from Kazakhstan.

One of the most eligible bachelors, millionaire heir Lapo Elkann Fiat empire and Goga Ashkenazi has encountered several mesyaschev.

Just recently, the "friends of the pair" shared sensation.

Gog and Lapo no longer together - and stormy passion that bound them recently, as quickly disappeared in a series of weekday business.

Now, it seems, to intermarry with native Italian family Gogi fail.

News spread over unexpectedly. After a couple together to celebrate Christmas in Paris, Goga even meet mom and Lapo - and the woman seemed to be pleased with the prospect of mother-empire heir Fiat.