"The Powers That Be" For The Year 2012

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"The Powers That Be"  For The Year 2012

Recently published list of the most influential people from around the world
which got a lot of famous in people.
It's the second time in a row for two years on the top line of the rating
"The powers that be" was the president of the United States of America - Barack Obama.
The second place was the most powerful woman of the world - Angela Merkel, who has served as chancellor of Germany, and in third place was the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Dmitry Medvedev has also not been overlooked publishers Publish this rating, he was on the 61m spot.
This ranking was calculated by several parameters: financial resources, which are available to the candidate, the number of people in submission and the number of areas social activities, for which it has a direct impact.

1. Barack Obama
U.S. President
Age: 51 years
Location: United States
Marital status: Married, two children

2. Angela Merkel
German Chancellor
Age: 58 years
Location: Germany
Marital status: Married

3. Vladimir Putin
President of Russia
Location: Russia
Age: 60 years
Marital status: Married

4. Bill Gates
Co-chair of the charity of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Age: 57 years
Location: United States
Family: Married, three children

5. Pope Benedict XVI
The head of the Catholic Church
Age: 85 years
Location: Vatican
Marital status: Single

6. Ben Bernanke
The head of the U.S. Federal Reserve
Age: 58 years
Location: United States
Marital status: Married, two children

7. Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud
King of Saudi Arabia
Age: 88 years
Location: Saudi Arabia
Marital status: Married

8. Mario Draghi
European Central Bank President
Age: 65 years
Location: Italy
Marital status: Married, two children

9. Xi Jinping
General Secretary of the Communist Party of China
Age: 59 years
Location: China
Marital status: Married

 10. David Cameron
British Prime Minister
Age: 46 years
Location: United Kingdom
Family: Married, four children