Teacher Sacrificed Her Life To Save The Children

I want to remind you of the tragic event that took place on December 14, when the killer named
Adam Lanza opened the doors of their school and started killing all those who met him on the way.
And I want to tell you about this girl, who was only 27 years old, she sacrificed her life to save 16 of his students.
When Adam Lanza burst with a gun in the school building, this lovely girl told kiddies hide in lockers
for clothes and sit very quietly, without giving any sound. When the killer to ask her where her class, she pointed to the gym, lied that children now physical education classes. Upon learning this information, the man killed a young teacher and, fortunately, did not see any of the children.
Let us commemorate Victoria Soto, who did not hesitate defended
from the class of the psychopath, and died from fatal gunshot wounds.