Inspirational Places To Visit

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Inspirational Places To Visit

The world is huge and amazingly beautiful. It seems the whole life is not enough to live to see all of its beauty. It will not hurt to sketch a rough plan of inspiring trips and excursions, committing to boil head with new ideas and thoughts. Start with the most beautiful places on the planet. And watch review unusual hotels, shocking rides historical wonders, and other cases of creative hands and minds of men.

Underwater hotel

Hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali Island offers underwater apartments and a restaurant.

Castle Garden Markizyak

Located in the French city Vezak and built up over three centuries.

 Restaurant in a cave

Located in the Italian town of Polignano a Mare on site Grotta Palazzese.

The restaurant at the Falls

Located in the resort of Villa Escudero in the province of Quezon, Philippines.

The lost city of Machu Picchu

Located in what is now Peru on top of the ridge height of 2450 meters above sea level. Awarded the New Wonder of the World.

Skyscraper in Huaxi village

Chinese village residents pool their savings to build a hotel in the 328 meters tall and valued at $ 470 million.

snow Hotel

Every winter in Finland, the Alps and the Pyrenees erect a snow winter resort for lovers of extreme tourism.

Pool waterfall

The natural pool deck of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is at a height of 128 meters.


Glass balconies 103-story skyscraper Willis Tower in Chicago.

Rides on site plant

Wunderland Kalkar park is located in the unfinished nuclear power plant in the German town of Kalkar. The main attraction is located in the central tube.


Transparent roof rooms Kakslauttanen in Finland can enjoy Northern Lights, basking in the bed.

flower park

Tunnel of wisteria flowers in a Japanese garden Kawachi Fuji, Kitakyushu, Japan

ice Aquarium

In the Japanese city of Kesennuma in ice blocks frozen 80 species of marine creatures.