Brain With Protons

by Kashif Masood | 12:01 in |

Anatoly P. Bugorsky - a man over the head of which was a beam of charged particles

Anatoly Bugorsky was born in 1942 and worked at the Institute of High Energy Physics staff researcher. Bugorsky was responsible for the largest Soviet particle accelerator U-70. July 13, 1978, Anatoly performed work on correcting faults resulting in an accelerator, but due to the fact that did not work or did not include a security system, the accelerator shot a beam of charged protons in the moment when he was inside. The beam passed through, through the left hemisphere of his brain. As he later said, he saw a flash "brighter than a thousand suns", but did not not feel any pain.
After the accident, the left half of the face Anatolia quickly began to swell and swollen beyond recognition. Over the next few days, start peeling and dry up that track, that the beam was traveling at light speed. The beam entered the back of the head, went through the skull, brain, and went through the left nostril. It is considered that it is a high dose of radiation, which was to kill a man. He was rushed to a hospital where everyone was expecting his death.
However, Bugorsky survived. He even defended his PhD. It ended without any harm to his intellectual capacity, but after the incident, he quickly comes fatigue mental work. He also completely lost his hearing in his left ear, and began constantly hear the noise in your head. The left side of his face was paralyzed by the destruction of nerves. Basically, he could live quite comfortably, but occasionally it happened convulsions and seizures.
Bugorsky continued to work at the Institute, and served as coordinator of the physical experiments. He has a wife and son.
But the most surprising thing is that after the incident left-hand side has come to resemble an old man, and his right hand or on how many do not grow old. The right side of his face, as it were stopped at age 36, when he met with an this case and even much younger.