The Most Absurd, "Paintings", Sold For Millions
Ten samples of the above painting - clear examples of how you can help out fabulous money for any overt daub (painted five year old child, or bought at a flea market, for example), making up for her great name, writing an incredible story of creation and putting on one of the world's most famous auction 

 1. "The concept of the space, waiting" Lucio Fontana - $ 1.5 million
"The concept of the space, waiting for" the artist Lucio Fontana sold by auction in London for half a million dollars. This product is a one-color canvas with longitudinal slots. The million: a price increase of this picture, if you do it a couple of holes?

 2. "The blood-red mirror" Gerhard Richter - $ 1.1 million
"Mirror" was sold for $ 1.1 million. Recognizing the value of the other works by Gerhard Richter, it is difficult to understand the value of this. It's just red paint, applied with a small gradient in the mirror, do you? Perhaps the collector who bought it is a product, just like to see myself in the mirror, Custom.
 3. "Green Blob" Ellsworth Kelly - $ 1.6 million
 This painting was sold for $ 1.6 million. As we know, most of the work for Ellsworth Kelly particularly large amounts can not help out, but the painting - an exception. Yes, despite the fact that this is just the canvas with a deformed circle in the middle, found a lover and paid for it as long as there is a small Thai island.

 4. "Untitled" (1961) by Mark Rothko - $ 28 million
The work of Mark Rothko sold at auction for more than $ 28 million. "Terrible" - would probably be an exaggeration, but the "boring" - probably the best description of the picture. What would you say if your child is having finished the year in art school, would have brought home a masterpiece? Well, for example: a) have been proud and would hang on the wall or in) would say: "It is very good ... but next time I'll draw something more recognizable." 
 5. "Untitled" Blinky Palermo - $ 1.7 million
This work was sold at auction for $ 1.7 million. "Untitled" as the rest of Palermo, is a combination of multi-colored stripes. One art critic described it as a work of art: "Blades Palermo give the viewer a little, if anything, to give, show only small changes in tone, not spectacular strokes. Instead, they show the viewer pure, undiluted color. "Bravo! It is amazing that someone was able to give a description of the elements of such a poor job and even find it good points!
 6. "The picture (Dog)," Joan Miro - $ 2.2 million
his work by Joan Miro was sold at auction for $ 2.2 million. Among other fine works MirĂ³ this seems an anomaly. It is difficult to understand why the collector bought the painting - perhaps just wanted to get the ownership of the heritage of the great master?
 7. "White Fire I», Barnett Newman - $ 3.8 million
"White Fire Barnett Newman was purchased for $ 3.8 million. "The name of the" White Fire "- a mystical term, originating from the Torah. As such, it is definitely full of deep spiritual feeling which Newman tried to give viewers of the picture. "Really? Two lines on a blank canvas have a direct bearing on the Torah?
 8. "Untitled", Cy Twombly - $ 2.3 million
 This picture Twombly sold for $ 2.3 million at Christie's auction. This work is done with colored pencils on paper, that is about the same, and the same materials that are in kindergarten trying to display the first letter. The oblique glance it looks at how the five-year baby fulfills writing the letter "e", is not it?

 9. "Cowboy", Ellsworth Kelly - $ 1.7 million
Cowboy Ellsworth Kelly sold at auction for $ 1.7 million. Kelly more than four years he studied painting at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Paris, before develop your own style. He decided to create a style that consists mainly of units on the canvas. Beginner may think that this is a bad choice, what is special about polyhedra on paper? However, from an economic point of view, Kelly hit the nail on the head. And from an aesthetic? Hardly.
 10. "Blue Fool," Christopher Wool - $ 5 million
And finally a picture with the symbolic name "Blue Fool" - the most worthy end of this article. It was sold at auction for $ 5 million or more. Difficult to resist the idea that Christopher, who specializes in writing words on the canvas, a good laugh, when the painting was sold. Convince someone to buy a telltale blue inscription «Fool», it's just ... bravo, Christopher!